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Best Dance classes in Croydon

Handpicked from 56 vetted and reviewed Dance Training studios around Croydon.

Boom Arts Academy is an award-winning performing arts school for all levels and ages.  Our essence is our energy – we're a positive, empowering place to learn to dance.


We encourage the development of confidence and the best for our students, training them to become professional performers, gaining confidence from a young age and above all encouraging fun!


We give students an insight into the professional industry by taking them on auditions, performing in festivals, music videos, exams, competitions and well known theatres.


Everyone can benefit from learning to perform – it builds skills and confidence from a young age, and it’s fun!


We give students an insight into the industry we love by offering opportunities for professional auditions and to perform in festivals, music videos, competitions and well-known theatres.


Our students consistently excel at examinations with ISTD and LAMDA.


Learning to dance and perform builds technical skills, coordination, timing, stamina and mental wellbeing.   It helps students shine no matter what path they choose in life. 


At Boom, we embrace children’s energy and encourage their potential.  We’ve created a place where children feel seen, confident and celebrated as individuals – where they can explore and express who they are.

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Show productions

Performing in shows is an amazing way to engage our students and give them a unique opportunity to experience performing on stage, in front of a live audience!


Our students find the experience of performing on stage with costumes, props, lighting and an audience, exhilarating - it is a full on production! Doing this is something performers dream of, and experience that will stay with them forever


Fancy setting up your own Boom Arts Academy School?

We can help you to set up your own Boom Arts Academy school by becoming one of our franchises.

Our classes we offer

Boom Arts Dance Classes

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Discover why the children at Boom Arts Academy are passionate about dancing and learn about their favourite dance styles:



Boom Arts Academy

Boom Arts Academy is an award-winning performing arts school for all levels and ages.  Our essence is our energy – we’re a positive, empowering place to learn to dance. 


Boom is known for Street Dance, Singing & Theatre, LAMDA, Contemporary Freestyle, Acro & Tumble, Break Dance, Bboy Hip Hop, and Creative Ballet.  And we’re the only school in South London offering Street Dance and Disco exams with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) – with a 100% pass rate AND 100% Honours.


Our teachers have performed just about everywhere –  music videos, film, theatre, festivals, YouTube, TV.   You might have spotted them in Harry Potter, Britain’s Got Talent, VEVO and MTV music videos, and a wide range of films and theatre, as well as touring around the UK.  


At Boom we believe in the power of performing arts to help children shine however they choose to express themselves in life.  We’re an equal opportunity school and our students always come first.

What people are saying about Boom Arts Academy..

 Boom Arts Academy are absolutely fantastic, they are warm and friendly and allow the children to reach their full potential.

They really encourage the kids which boosts their self esteem and show them that with hard work and determination they can be and do anything!!

As a parent I can see that the confidence levels have risen immensely and teaching the children about teamwork and to follow their dreams and aspirations not only makes them a great team member but also gives them the tools they will need for the future!

There's something special about Boom Arts, the environment and atmosphere is incredibly positive, friendly and inclusive. The teachers are truly invested and love to see the children succeed and thrive.


I believe the uniqueness of Boom Arts is down to the Principal, Isla Selley, who has genuine passion for what she does, which filters down to each teacher, making every class fantastic!


Boom Arts much more than just a performing arts academy it's a real family feel. They've created something very special!


Boom Star Books

Experience the only book that teaches you to dance with it's own song!

Our books go beyond traditional education. They teach valuable dance skills, enhance counting abilities, and immerse your child in a multisensory experience with music specially designed to complement our books

Boom Arts Shop

Clothes & Merc

Get the Boom Arts look with our range of Boom Arts Academy branded clothes and merchandise.

From t-shirts and jumpers, to hats, water bottles and bags, we've got something for everyone!

Boom Music

Our exclusive tracks and album let you listen to and practice when ever you want.

Download individual tracks, or download the whole album!

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