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Thanks to our amazing sponsors!

We extend our sincere appreciation to our sponsors and we are extremely grateful for their help in making Boom Arts Academy be the best school possible.

We Thank you for supporting our merchandise and  all our students with Educational needs, Autism, Disabilities and from Low income families.  Your help is aiding their learning and future!

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Boom Arts Academy is a fast growing school, and we are looking for more sponsors to collaborate with Boom Arts Academy, and expand with us on our exciting journey.

  • Sponsors will include their very own logo on all of Boom Arts Academy marketing at all events, shows,website, Facebook and any social media.

  • Sponsors will be on New stock of merchandise and clothing for Boom Arts Academy.

  • Sponsors will allow children with needs or learning difficulties to have scholarships for classes that will aid them and their future development.

  • Companies will be able to claim back tax on money being sponsored.

For more info please contact:

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