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Boom Star Books

Our books go beyond traditional education. They teach valuable dance skills, enhance counting abilities, and immerse your child in a multisensory experience with music specially designed to complement our books.

We're expanding our collection of books, so be sure to keep checking back for more.

​Our current range of Boom Star Books:

Boom Robot’s Star Adventure

Embark on an extraordinary journey through “Boom Robot’s Star Adventures,” a spellbinding saga that intertwines cutting-edge technology, interstellar marvels, and uncharted frontiers.
Join our fearless bedtime story for kids as they navigate the cosmos, encountering thrilling challenges and forging unbreakable bonds under the vast tapestry of celestial wonders.

The exclusive book paired with a Spotify soundtrack for an immersive learning and dancing experience!

Boomster's Dance Party by the Sea

Boomster, a friendly creature living on a magical beach, loves to dance and learn new moves from his sea friends. With guidance from Mrs Hermy the crab and Fugo the flamingo, Boomster prepares for a big performance. Nervous yet excited, he dazzles the audience at the “Top of the Rocks” show, cheered on by Seagull Sam and all the sea animals. Filled with joy, Boomster dreams of more dance adventures with his friends. His story is one of friendship, joy, and the magic of dancing under the stars.

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