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This agreement sets out the terms and conditions that will govern the relationship between Boom Arts Academy Ltd (“us”, “we” or “our”) and the Parent or Guardian (“you” or “your”) of the child attending classes (“student”). If the participant is aged over 16 years old and books their own class, they are referred to as either “you” or the “student” as applicable. This is a legally binding agreement.


These are important to maintain our own operating standards and to maintain a code of conduct between us, you and our students to ensure that all of our members gain the maximum benefit from their participation at Boom Arts Academy Ltd.


The following Terms and Conditions are in place from: 30th October 2023 (previous conditions prior to this date are available on request).



1. Registration and booking of classes:​

  1. From the 4th of May 2021 our Saturday Academy classes, and our weekly sessions are signed up to on a term basis.  Parents must register the student and book classes and sessions in advance via our online booking system (Class4kids).  In special situations only, and with prior agreement by us, an offline registration form may be used.

    1. When registering and booking, you must agree to the current terms and conditions presented at the time of booking.

  2. Our online and private classes must be booked by you separately over the telephone or via our enquiry form on our website.  These can be paid for one class at a time via PayPal.

  3. Trials of classes are offered to students, but a maximum of one trial per class type will be offered (e.g. one for modern and one for ballet)

    1. Trials taken are for two consequetive lessons (i.e. 2 weeks) and are charged at the usual rate for that class. For example, for a class costing £7.50 per lesson, the trial would be for two lessons and cost £15.  We reserve the right to decline a trial place to any student.

    2. Trails are non-refundable once booked, and cannot be refunded if the student does not attend the trial session/s.

    3. At our discretion we may from time to time offer free trials or trials at a reduced rate. This will be communicated by us and we reserve the right to stop this at any time.

    4. Registration and booking must be completed via class4kids before the first session. 

    5. To continue with a class after a trial, a subscription must subsequently be set up in advance of the next class starting.

  4. We will not accept into any classes, or take responsibility for, any student where you have not registered and booked in advance.

  5. You are responsible for ensuring that you read any information sent out upon booking via Class4kids.

    1. All further direct correspondence from us about classes and events will be sent to you via email.​​

  6. When booking any of our classes you are agreeing to our injury disclaimer, which is detailed under condition 15 below.​


2. Payment of fees:

  1. Bookings made from Tuesday 4th of May 2021 onwards:

    1. You must pay for a full term of classes no later than 7 days before the first class of the upcoming term.  Late payment of fees will result in a 10% surcharge being added, and the student will be refused attendance to classes until the full outstanding amount has been paid. 

    2. Payments can be made via credit/debit card/PayPal using Class4Kids.

    3. Our online and private classes can be paid for one class at a time via Bank Transfer (BACS) and these must be paid in advance of the class starting.

    4. We cannot guarantee a place in class for any student where you have not paid in advance.

    5. Instalment plans may be available but will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

      1. Acceptance onto an instalment plan is not guaranteed and must be agreed by our finance department in advance of a term starting.

      2. Payment by instalments may incur an additional fee of £5 to cover administration charges.

      3. If an instalment plan is granted, all payments must be paid on the dates specified.  Late payment will result in a 10% surcharge being added to the full outstanding amount and we reserve the right to end the instalment plan and request full payment of the new outstanding balance. The student may also be refused attendance at classes until the outstanding amount is paid. No subsequent instalment plans will be offered by us. 

    6. Where a student has been on a pre-agreed free trial, the payment of the remaining term’s fees must be paid in advance of the next class starting.

  2. Bookings made BEFORE 4th May 2021 onto a monthly subscription basis are subject to previous terms and conditions, which are available on request from us.

  3. Exam costs, certificate costs and costumes are not included in the fees payable each term, and these will be communicated to you if applicable for the student.  

  4. Students collected from classes late will incur a penalty charge of £5.00 for every 20 minutes until they are collected. This is payable by you before the start of the next class they are booked onto.

  5. All invoices will be sent by us via email as a pdf. If you have any issues opening any attachments or have not received your invoice before the first week of term, then you must email us at



3. Cancellations and refund policy:

  1. A minimum of 6 weeks’ notice prior to the start of a new term is required for students wishing to stop classes.

    1. If a full 6 weeks’ notice is not given, an invoice for the term will still need to be paid.

    2. Students leaving mid-term will not be refunded for the remaining classes of that term.

    3. Any unpaid instalments must still be paid.

    4. Any unpaid subscriptions (if you booked prior to 4th May 2021 onto a monthly subscription) for the classes of that term must still be paid.

  2. We operate a no refund policy, or account credit, for any classes missed by the student.  This includes, but is not limited to;

    1. Holidays being taken

    2. Sickness

    3. Enforced isolation periods relating to Covid-19 or any other illness

  3. We accept no liability for any teaching sessions which must be cancelled for any reason beyond our control.  This includes, but is not limited to: fires, COVID-19 restrictions, government laws, extreme weather or criminal activity.

    1. In such circumstances, we will be under no obligation to provide a substitute, a credit for further classes, to refund or to compensate any cancelled classes.

    2. Where feasible, we may replace teaching sessions with online classes via Zoom.  These may be subject to a change to the usual class times.

    3. If you are subscribed to a monthly subscription plan and online classes are not able to operate, we will freeze monthly subscription payments until classes are able to commence again.

  4. We reserve the right to expel a student from subsequent classes if our terms and conditions are broken.  In such cases a refund of any remaining classes will not be given.



4. Attendance of classes:

  1. Registration and signing in and out of classes:

    1. Registration must be done by you before child attends class via Our online booking system is linked to our registration system, if we do not have student on the registration list, we have the right to remove that student from class to ensure the health and safety of them, other students, and our staff.

    2. You must sign the student in at the beginning and end of the class/session with reception and collect the student from the designated pick-up point at the end of the session.

    3. You must ensure the class teacher has up-to-date emergency contact details.  These should be updated via Class4kids.

  2. Drop off, collection and attendance:

    1. You and the student must wait outside while any previous ongoing class is still in session. 

    2. At all our venues, students must not be left unsupervised outside of the class and must be collected promptly if they are not attending another class afterwards.

    3. All classes are drop off only - you or other spectators are not allowed into classes or during trials at any time.  This is to maintain health and safety, safeguarding of our students and to adhere to other measures, such as our new Covid-19 infection and prevention control. 

    4. In some specific circumstances, such as to watch events and shows, you and other spectators may be permitted. These will be communicated prior to the event and we reserve the right to change this at any time without prior notice.

    5. Classes start on time so please ensure you arrive a few minutes earlier ready for the start of the student’s class time. Participation of the warmup session is compulsory.

    6. Lateness is disruptive for the class and so any continuous lateness may result in the loss of the student’s place.

    7. If the student needs to leave the session early for any reason or is not going to be attending the session, you must notify us.

    8. If you wish for the student to walk home unaccompanied (older students only), you must inform the teacher or member of our staff.  We will require from you a signed letter of permission if the student is under 16 years of age.

    9. If the student misses more than 3 classes in a row, it could result in them not being permitted to take part in any particular show or performance. 

    10. Students must wear our uniform during all classes, exams, events and during show rehearsals – see condition 8 below.

  3. Late collection of a student:

    1. If you are late to collect a student, a penalty charge will be incurred as set out in the payment fees conditions above.  This may also result in the loss of the student’s place.

    2. If the student is not collected within a reasonable amount of time and you cannot be contacted, we will take the child to the nearest police station or contact social services.

    3. In the case of an emergency, please call us on 07951 992 056 or email us as soon as possible.

  4. Responsibility of care:

    1. We are responsible for student’s care for the duration of the session that you have booked them onto.

    2. We cannot accept responsibility for students outside the designated time of our care.

    3. We are unable to admit students before the session start time and or after it has finished.

    4. It is your responsibility to keep us updated with changes of address and contact numbers and to be contactable during the sessions.

    5. We are unfortunately not able to accept students who are not toilet trained

    6. You must inform our teachers, or our staff of any allergies and any medication carried by the student. If the student uses an Epi pen or asthma inhaler, you must ensure the student brings it to every class. You must make sure any such medical items are on hand should they be needed, and that the teacher of each class is aware of the need and where that medication is kept. 

    7. You must let our teachers or staff know of any medical or other specific personal needs which are important to the student’s health and safety or that could impact the dance experience for other students. We advise you to contact us to discuss these before booking any classes.



5. Online classes:

  1. Any online classes will be under the safety and responsibility of you.

  2. You must ensure that where appropriate, and especially in respect of activities for children, participants have a suitable parent/guardian present, or as a minimum, have their consent to participate at home.

  3. You must ensure the student has enough room to participate in the activity without there being any obvious risk of injury to themselves, to others, or risk of any damage to surrounding property. You must ensure that the flooring in the room is safe for student to participate in the activity.



6. In the event of illness or accident:

  1. If the student is sick (e.g. diarrhoea, chicken pox, measles, vomiting, flu etc) they will not be permitted to participate in the class. 

  2. You understand that classes may be physically strenuous, and students voluntarily participate in them with your full knowledge that there is a risk of personal injury.

    1. We will not be held liable under any circumstances for injury, accident, or death during any of our classes or at any of our venues.

    2. You agree that neither you, you heir, assigns or legal representatives will sue or make any other claims of any kind whatsoever against us or our members for any personal injury, property damage/loss, or wrongful death, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

  3. Should a student become ill or is involved in an accident, you will be contacted using the telephone numbers listed on the booking system and the nature of the illness/accident explained.

    1. You must collect the student so you can seek professional medical advice.

    2. If immediate hospital treatment is required (e.g. a broken limb, head/back injury) an ambulance will be called and you will be contacted.

    3. In the event that the student should need emergency treatment and you cannot be contacted, we will act in ‘loco parentis’ and authorise treatment as required.



7. Behaviour and conduct:

  1. We recognise the importance of positive and effective behaviour management strategies in promoting children’s welfare, learning, enjoyment, and the student’s confidence. In the event of misbehaviour, a teacher may, at any time, ask a student to leave a class if he/she is jeopardising the safety or enjoyment of other students or their educational experience.

  2. We will not accept any form of aggressive behaviour from students, parents, carers, or visitors. All our classes and venues are a safe place where students and our staff need to feel secure and comfortable.  Aggressive behaviour is defined as:

    1. Physical violence e.g. pushing, hitting, pulling hair, kicking

    2. Physical intimidation

    3. Physically disruptive behaviour e.g. physically annoying other children, smashing, throwing, damaging or defacing objects,

    4. Socially disruptive behaviour e.g. screaming, running away, temper tantrums

    5. Spitting

    6. Using sexist, racist, or any other derogatory or abusive language

    7. Authority-challenging behaviour e.g. refusing to carry out requests from one of our staff

    8. Shouting at any of our staff members (either face to face or over the telephone)

    9. Abusive or rude emails or phone calls

  3. Any aggressive behaviour towards another student, parent, carer, visitor, or a member of our staff is strictly forbidden.  This will result in:

    1. Expulsion from the current and any further classes. We reserve the right to refuse a refund of any outstanding classes in the term.

    2. Police will be called, and the incident be reported immediately.

    3. We may also engage other legal remedies which we deem suitable.

  4. You and the student must treat all our staff and teachers with respect and consideration.

  5. You must always make yourself and the student aware of the health and safety rules of the venue and comply with these rules.

  6. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the immediate vicinity of any of our venues.



8. Uniform and clothing:

  1. The uniform is defined as the Boom arts Academy T-shirts and hoodies (snapback hats are optional).  All uniform and clothing are to be ordered online (some items are available from the academy reception).

  2. It is compulsory for all students to wear their uniform during all classes, exams, events and during show rehearsals.

  3. The student must wear appropriate footwear such as trainers or specific dance footwear (i.e. No Ugg style boots, sandals or similar casual footwear). 

  4. Students should also wear black leggings or tracksuit bottoms and suitable footwear.  Ballet students should wear a leotard, tights, and ballet pumps and with their hair tied in a bun.

  5. No jewellery is to be worn and hair is to be tied back for all dance classes, exams, and performances due to health and safety of the student and teachers. 

  6. When students are scheduled to be involved in a specific event or show:

    1. Clothing should be ordered in advance to ensure it has arrived and is ready in good time.

  7. Any orders made by us will not be made without full payment in advance.

  8. You must label all clothing with the student’s name.


9. Staff changes:

  1. We have the right to change our staff, including teachers at any time and without prior notice.

  2. We pride ourselves on having some of the best teachers from the industry and will seek to maintain this for the benefit our students and to us as an academy.



10. Break times, food, and drinks:

  1. We are not responsible for providing any students with food or drinks.

  2. Hydration is essential, you must ensure the student brings plenty of water to drink, especially in warmer weather conditions.  NO FIZZY DRINKS are allowed.

  3. Students attending our Saturday School should bring a healthy snack and a drink or packed lunch.

  4. On holiday workshops, Students should bring a snack and/or packed lunch and a drink - we will state which is needed depending on the length of the workshop.

  5. You should label the student’s packed lunch so that they do not get mixed up. 

  6. We ask that you do not pack anything that contains nuts, for the welfare of other children who may have allergies. Any food you provide should not include chewing gum, yogurts, fizzy drinks, or sweets.



11. Mobile phones and electronic devices:

  1. We do understand that some children may need their mobile phones when making their way to and from classes or to contact parents.  However, we adhere to strict privacy and safeguarding measures for all our students and staff, so to maintain this and to avoid disruption during classes, the following rules are in place for all students:

    1. Mobile phones or recording equipment are not permitted in classes and are not allowed to be used once on site, during break times or for photographs.

    2. Mobile phones can however be left in a secure box with our reception staff or the class teacher.  This is at the owner’s own risk and we accept no liability for damage or loss of property whilst at any of our classes or venues.



12. Personal belongings:

  1. We recommend that all property is labelled, and that no personal belongings of any value are brought in and left during classes.

  2. We accept no liability for damage or loss of property whilst the student is at any of our classes or venues.



13. Data protection:

  1. All personal information is held in accordance with the current Data Protection Act and may be shared among our staff (including teachers), and examiners to ensure safeguarding of the children in their care.

  2. Class choreography:

    1. All class choreography is the intellectual property of the class teacher and Boom Arts Academy Ltd and should not be used outside of our sessions or events without prior written consent from us.

  3. You agree to us handling your data in the way set out in our Privacy Policy.



14. Photos and videos:

  1. We reserve the right to use any individual or group photographs or videos of our students for press or promotional purposes, unless you (as the parent) have stated otherwise when booking on Class4kids or filling out our registration form. 

15. Injury disclaimer:

  1. We cannot be held responsible or liable for any injuries, bruising or pre-existing injuries to any person whilst they are participating, training, enrolled in a class, performing, at special events, shows or any other way involved in dance, acrobatic arts, tumbling, movement, poi, martial arts dance, cheerleading or any other activities, for any reason or under any circumstances.

  2. When booking any of our classes, it is presumed that you and the student agree with the following, and certify that the participant is in good health and where necessary, has consulted with the doctor to participate in the classes, shows and special events:

    1. In consideration of performing or participating in these types of activities equipment is used and that you and the student are aware that these activities are vigorous sporting activities involving lifts, throws, heavy equipment, tricks, circular, movement of the whole body, balance, control, and rotation movements.

    2. You and the student understand that all these activities always involve certain risk and that they agree to accept that any risks, injuries, bruising or pre-existing injuries are at your own discretion, and we will not take any responsibility.

    3. You and the student agree that all health and safety limitations are completely excluded and we cannot be held responsible for any injuries or further injury caused to pre-existing conditions. This includes any subsequent missed rehearsals, shows, training or classes.

    4. Any persons who participate in dance classes, training, rehearsals or shows provided by us shall do so at their own risk. You will assume all risks involved and we will not be liable for any misfortune that may occur.​

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