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Dance Classes in Croydon

At Boom we’re excited to offer plenty of amazing performing arts classes and dance classes in Croydon and nearby.  Many students like to try more than one class to develop a variety of skills!  Not sure where to start?  Please get in touch and we’re happy to help.

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Boom Arts Academy Dance Classes:

boom classes - street
Boom classes- Ballet
Boom classes - Break
Boom Street Dance

A high Boom energy class to work on dance moves and techniques by learning cool routines to music such as Hip Hop, Commerical, House and K-pop. This is an amazing class to improve dance skills, build confidence and move up in levels in Street Dance. We are the only school in South London to offer ISTD Freestyle and Street Dance exams, and teaching qualifications.

Boom Creative Ballet

A Boom creative class to learn ballet skills, balance, body control, musicality, and balletic dance moves.  The class is made to enhance children's creative skills and imagination in dance. It's a great starter class to introduce new contemporary styles and ballet techniques.

Boom Break Dance

Learn Break Dance moves, cool floorwork, body strength skills and tumble tricks to stand out on the dance floor. Fun and challenging!

Boom Contemporary Disco & Freestyle

Enhance skills in lyrical dance and upbeat Disco Freestyle.  Learn choreography, audition skills and dance techniques including turns, kicks, leaps and floorwork. This is a class to improve dance skills and move up in levels in Freestyle dance. We are the only school in South London to offer ISTD Freestyle and Street Dance exams, and teaching qualifications. 

Boom Acro & Tumble

Features balancing, limbering, tumbling and patterning, with techniques based in flexibility, contortion and strength. Learn gymnastics skills like cartwheels, walkovers, rolls, back handsprings, back tucks, forward handsprings and aerials!

Boom Tiny Tots

A great starter class to introduce children to music, sound, and dance skills. Little ones learn to Boom shake, jump, and roll with our cool Boom tracks specially made to enhance their learning. The music takes the children on a trip to visit the animals, go under the sea, play with bunny rabbits and much more to enhance their imaginations and dance skills. 

Boom Singing & Theatre

Teaches singing and theatre/acting skills through performance, featuring songs from pop bands and West End/Broadway musicals. Techniques are also shared to support confidence and presence on stage.

Boom Parties

Looking for a high-energy party that gets everyone moving and having fun? Choose from a Dance theme or a Boom Musical Theatre theme. Both include lots of fun and games — even a choreographed performance at the end, just like you’re performing onstage!

Lamda classes

LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art) are one of the UK’s oldest and most respected awarding bodies, and their examinations help to build self-confidence and performance skills by working towards qualifications.


Students will prepare monologues and knowledge about authors, plays and poems in accordance with exam specifications and will perform these set pieces to examiners to gain regionally recognised qualifications. Lamda and acting classes encourage creative thinking, vocal strengthening, literature. It also develops their communication skills, confidence and increases their technical skills in acting.


This is a 1-1 private class to prepare children for examinations and confidence in public speaking.

Boom Workshops

Do you want to be the best at auditions? Level up in your dance skills? Experience what it’s like to do an audition class with a professional performer who dances for Lil mix and stormzy, and who's travelled around the world performing in big arenas such as The O2 and many more?

Learn techniques for auditions, improve your dance and performing skills with hidden secrets of performing with an industry star. ⭐️


You will get a full insight to the dance industry with this amazing workshop we are lucky enough to offer regularly at boom arts academy.

Find a class near you:

Classes are offered on different days and venues, including Kenley, Sanderstead, Shirley and Tatsfield.  We can also offer classes online.

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