Spring term 2019

12th January-9th February 2019

Half term 11th February- 24th February 2019

25th February- 6th April 2019

Summer term 2019

23rd April- 18th May 2019

Half term 19th May -2nd June 2019

4th June – 16th July 2019

-Monday 9 weeks only

BANK HOLIDAY/INSET DAYS MONDAY NO CLASSES ON: 22nd April 2019 and 6th May 2019

Last Wednesday Class of term: 10th July 2019

Last Saturday class of term 13th July 2019

Last Monday class of term 15th July 2019

Autumn term 2019

Monday 9th September – Sunday 1st December
Half term Monday 14th October- Sunday 20th October
Spring term 2020
Monday 13th January- Sunday 5th April
Half term Monday 17th February- Sunday 1st March
Summer term 2020
Monday 27th April – Sunday 19th July
Half term Monday 25th May – Sunday 7th June
Monday 4th May bank holiday catch up on Monday 20th July 

If lessons are cancelled due to school events we make these up the first week back or the end of the term, emails will be sent out accordingly or transfer on to following term