1. How do I enrol for a class?

All enrolments are done online via this webpage. Step by step instructions on how to enrol in a Boom Arts Academy class can be found here. You will also be sent an invitation after the free trial session. If you are still unsure about which class is best for you please contact enquiriesboom@hotmail.com or send a message through the contact us page.


2) Do you offer Trial classes? 

Yes we offer trials upon booking. A trial class can only be used once.


 3) How much are classes?

All classes range from £6.50-£8.50 per session depending on the class and specialist. You are charged Termly for each session and classes can not be paid weekly due to our waiting lists. Discount can apply if 3 or more classes are taken by emailing enquiriesboom@hotmail.com for a code upon booking.


4) Can I attend classes on a casual basis?

We keep class sizes limited to ensure an intimate and high-quality class experience for the students. Therefore, we ask all students to enrol for the term and we do not offer casual classes. This way you and your child will meet the same friendly faces at class each week and begin to develop beautiful friendships with those around them! Children thrive from routine and structure and we like to offer this each week in dance class. 

5) Can I enrol for Boom Arts Academy classes in the middle of the term?

YES! You are welcome to join us anytime throughout the term if class s not on a waiting list. Join us mid-term will allow you to be invoiced pro -rata accordingly. Please check our class timetable to make sure the class you wish to enrol in has availability.

6) When Joining Boom Arts Academy what happens in the next term if my child wants to proceed how do we book?   

 You are automatically on the system for the following term and you will be invoiced up to 4 weeks before the next term commences. Please do remember that you must give a terms notice when attend a class if  you are not returning the following term due to our policies. 


7) Can I stay and watch my child’s class? 

We do not allow parents to watch full classes due to our safeguarding policies. However if your son/daughter is trialling on their first day we do allow you to settle them for the first 10 minutes of class. Our main aim is for children to become confident in our classes without any distractions. We have a viewing day at the end of some of our terms for parents/guardians to come along to come into class to watch and see what wonderful progress they are making. This is also relevant when we do events, festivals and shows for parent/guardians to freely come and watch their child perform.


8) What happens if would like to leave Boom Arts Academy? 

You must give a term's notice as there are waiting lists for other children for classes. If a term's notice is not given you will be invoiced for the term. Please check Boom Arts Policies.


9) ) If I leave half way through term do we get refunded for the remaining classes? 

You will not receive a refund due to our policies and waiting lists on classes. 


10) What are street dance and Disco Freestyle Exams and their benefits? 

The benefits of doing an exam, allows the student to excel in the style they are training in whilst aiding their confidence. They will also move up a level on each exam they take through a medal system. The top exam they take can lead them in becoming an Associate teacher at a qualified level. The exams are taken via the ISTD a recognised examining board for dance and teaching. 


11) What are the benefits of Lamda Exams? 

Studying towards and taking a LAMDA exam inspires and empowers children to find their voice and builds their confidence in public speaking. LAMDA exams boost a child’s CV from a young age, their exams are supported by OFQUAL and are QCA accredited which attract UCAS points for college and university applications. As one of LAMDA’s biggest customers globally we cannot express the many benefits LAMDA exams have to offer;


 12) Is there an additional cost for exams?

Yes there is an additional cost for exams not covered in Boom Arts Academy training fees. This cost goes directly to the examining board. 

These can be taken optionally and are not compulsory. 


13)  Do you do Competitions at Boom Arts Academy? 

Yes, we do competitions yearly with the ISTD. If the student has taken street or disco Examinations with us they can compete in these levels. If they have not done exams with us before they can still be entered in Competitions. 

14) Do you do shows at Boom Arts Academy? 

Yes, we do a theatre show every two years. These sell out very quickly and are an amazing opportunity for the students to know what it feels like to be on stage with professional, lighting sound an audience and filming.

We also perform in Festivals and get invited to Theatre productions and events throughout the year. 


                                                                 15)  What does my child need to wear to class?                                                                                      We require all students to wear Boom Arts Academy uniform to classes, this encourages professionalism throughout the academy.  The uniform is Boom Arts T-shirt, snap back and black leggings or joggers and suitable footwear, no boots or sandals. This can be purchased via the website here or staff at reception.


16) What are you term dates?

All term dates can be found here.

17) When do classes run? 

Classes run on a 10 week term basis. We have three terms throughout the year Spring, Summer and Autumn. We usually let the students settle into school life before attending the new term of Boom Arts Academy.

18) What's the youngest age my child can join Boom Arts Academy? 

We take Tots form the age of 3 years old. However they must be toilet trained and confident to be left in class after 10mins of the parent settling them in after a trial session. Our aim is for them to gain confidence at this age.


19) Do you run classes in school holidays? 

We do not run termly classes in school holidays. However we hold workshops as well as summer, easter and Winter schools.


20) Is there somewhere where we can wait whilst our child's class is taking place? 

Our Saturday venue we have chairs available for parents in reception if they are attending one class. However if the child is taking more than one class we encourage parents to go and come back. Our venues in schools throughout the week applies a strict safeguarding policy for parents which does not allow them to wonder in schools for the safety of the children, so we advice to drop with the teacher and come back at pick up time. 

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